One of the most difficult tasks I do…

Making the bed…probably one of the most difficult tasks I have to do sometimes.  I do have help during the week, but there are times, like tonight, that I am left to do it myself. 

Unlike most people who can make the bed while off the bed; once I tuck the bottom two corners, I have to transfer to the bed, and sit on the sheets in order to stretch them over the top corners of the bed.  This takes some arduous work since I am actually sitting on the sheets themselves all the while, stretching them to their respective top corners.   I have to lift myself up using the pole hanging from the ceiling.  IMG_3069e

Before the pole, I had to do a lot of crawling on the bed to pull the sheets in place.  It definitely takes a lot of time and patience for me to put sheets on the bed. 

Lately, I’ve started  to look at making the bed from the perspective of achieving a goal rather than an arduous task that’s not fun to do.  The goal perspective actually makes it worth while.  I have used that method for other things as well.   Setting achievable goals has helped me to achieve greater goals in the long run. 

Now I can’t imagine not having some kind of goal in mind.  Whether it’s learning to play another musical instrument, training a new dog, or rolling a longer distance in my manual wheelchair.  When I’m goal-oriented, I’m more motivated. 

While making my bed is still a difficult thing to do, my goal is to get faster and more efficient. 

Continuing to set goals.  




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